The Industry Advisory Group

The Space Industry Advisory Group is a dynamic group of business leaders and space industry experts whose mission is to enable the growth of the space and data clusters in Cornwall.

This like-minded team recognise the potential for growth in Cornwall in these sectors; data and space already add significant value to other sectors where Cornwall has an advantage; underpinning the Local Enterprise Partnership’s strategy. The group is drawing on their expertise to plot out the ambitions for Cornwall in the space sector; including horizontal launch, and data applications.

The Industry Advisory Group is using data, space and AI to pioneer advances across many sectors that matter to people in Cornwall; such as tourism, renewables, marine, agri-tech, mining and e-health, ensuring a fairer, more inclusive and environmentally cleaner, greener Cornwall.

By exploiting Cornwall’s natural assets and expanding the capabilities of businesses  and organisations, the Industry Advisory Group works together to create a world-beating space industry.