Data and Space Strategy

Cornwall Space Cluster: Why Cornwall? Why Space?

There is an incredible pool of talent emerging, and opportunities available to businesses looking to be part of the innovation happening in Cornwall’s space and aerospace industry.

Cornwall has so much to offer businesses looking to grow, diversify and maximise opportunities within the sector: access to unrestricted airspace, Cornwall Council’s £600m investment portfolio for infrastructure projects, 95 percent fibre broadband availability and three Enterprise Zones in space, aerospace and marine.

Incredible new facilities are being built at the Aerohub Zone at Cornwall Airport, Newquay, home to Spaceport Cornwall – the site of the first horizontal launch from UK soil which will take place this summer and Goonhilly Earth Station is expanding its on-the-ground infrastructure, with 10Gb fibre links to data centres in London.

We are on a mission to enable the growth of the space and aerospace sectors, helping innovative businesses shape Cornwall’s future in the global landscape through RD&I and investment.

Businesses such 4 Earth Intelligence, Bluefruit Software, Feritech and Piran Composites have benefitted from tailored support and funding packages to help them access the opportunities in Cornwall’s Space Cluster.

We recently asked them: Why Cornwall? Why space?

Here is what they said.

4 Earth Intelligence: 

4EI are experts in earth observation, GIS and remote sensing analytics. Gathering evidence-based intelligence using data collected through sophisticated space assets. The company supports organisations to make sustainable decisions for their business and the environment by  translating complex data and satellite imagery into understandable and actionable intelligence for a range of applications.

4 Earth Intelligence: Why Cornwall?

Cornwall has a dynamic, collaborative and open business community, and is at the intersection of a range of highly innovative sectors including space, renewable energy and mining, all with a close connection to 4EI’s mission of using space data for the betterment of humans and the planet. The county also has a thriving research and academic community who are able to help us innovate and support the enhancement of our Earth Observation applications.

Bluefruit Software:

Bluefruit Software are embedded software development and testing specialists, providing high-quality embedded software solutions to a global client base working within the medical, aerospace, industrial, automotive, and bio-pharmaceutical sectors. 

Bluefruit Software: Why Space? 

Bluefruit Software is an embedded specialist providing software for clients in quality-critical spaces where adherence to stringent safety classification is a must. Working mainly within medical, industrial, and pharmaceutical spaces, all of our clients have one thing in common: the need for an embedded software partner they can trust to deliver against technical, compliance, and business requirements.

We found that the Aerospace/Space sector has very similar needs. Our robust and proven lean-agile processes can help meet the sector’s compliance and standards requirements, and our artificial intelligence, including on-device/edge AI, and sensorless diagnostics through virtual sensors, is a real asset to the industry 

Feritech Ltd:

Feritech is an advanced engineering and technology company working with global clients across all marine engineering sectors. The company designs, manufactures and sells marine equipment and systems that make complex operations appear simple. Feritech also offers a consultancy service and full project support.

Feritech Ltd: Why Cornwall? Why Space?

We are the third biggest subsea provider in Cornwall, and the county’s strong marine sector makes it the perfect location for our work. It’s also a great fit for the space sector. Our transition into space has been a natural one, with the sub-ocean industry being similar to space in terms of environmental pressures, and the tools and technology required. Many of the skills we’ve developed in our work can be easily transferred to space.

Piran Composites: 

Piran Composites is a world-leading manufacturer of advanced composites, specialising in the development of ultra-lightweight carbon fibre aerostructures for world-leading, record-breaking technologies.

The company offers a complete service from design to engineering and manufacture, having developed novel technologies to be able to offer high quality services to a range of industries including Aerospace, Defence, Medical, Automotive and Marine. 

Piran Composites: Why Cornwall, Why Space?

With the exciting developments happening in the Space sector here in Cornwall, it was the perfect opportunity for our Director, Mawgan, to take his knowledge in Aerospace and turn it into a new opportunity for the business, which had predominantly been marine based beforehand. 

Mawgan’s vast expert knowledge in this area, and in advanced composites, has made us one of the fastest growing companies in Cornwall, with a whole new career opportunity for locals in the area. The Space Sector is an incredibly exciting industry to be a part of.

Blue Abyss:

Blue Abyss is a state-of-the-art facility that aims to become the world’s premier deep-sea and space extreme environment research, training and test centre. The pioneering centre will be the most comprehensive deep sea and space research, training and test facility of its kind in the world, unmatched in its breadth of configuration. Blue Abyss’ primary function is to enable extreme environment development, both human and robotic, ranging from the offshore energy industry through to the growing human spaceflight sector and adventure tourism.

Blue Abyss: Why Cornwall?

Cornwall is transforming itself into a region at the forefront of the new economy, and in the vanguard of the fight against climate change. The breadth of innovation we are seeing in Cornwall today is staggering. From building the first geothermal power plants in the UK, to sustainable extraction of technology metals, to planning for a floating wind power revolution, Cornwall is at the forefront of the journey to a net zero carbon economy.

The dynamic confluence of sectors we haven’t seen anywhere else. It’s difficult to think of another part of the UK that fits Blue Abyss like a glove. The Celtic Sea off Cornwall’s coast is one of only two places in the UK where the Floating Offshore industry is likely to develop.

Cornwall already has an established offshore renewable energy supply chain, excellent port infrastructure and world-class research facilities. That industry will require a range of support services, from deep sea diving training and remote operated vehicle research, to component testing and sea survival training, all of which Blue Abyss can provide.

Subsea technology is a massive opportunity, from monitoring ocean habitats to maintaining aquaculture and we have some of the world’s leading experts in autonomous marine systems and ocean technologies right here in the region at the University of Exeter and University of Plymouth.

Cornwall’s space sector is growing. Goonhilly Earth Station is providing space communications and data for customers all over the world, and satellites will be launched from Newquay.

Alongside the perfect alignment between Blue Abyss and Cornwall’s regional development strategies – Cornwall is a wonderful place to live and work!