Goonhilly Earth Station Ltd

Goonhilly Earth Station, a ground station in the south of Cornwall, has been busy in 2023. Check out what they have been up to.

Goonhilly supports Japanese ispace Hakuto-R Mission 1.

Alongside partners, ESA, Goonhilly has been providing communications support for the first commercial Moon landing. The mission launched on 11th December and reaches the farthest point of its trajectory (1.4 million km from Earth) on the 20th of January. Lunar orbit injection is currently scheduled for some time in spring.

Goonhilly shifts to 24/7 operations

Owing to increased demand for services, Goonhilly’s operations team has now moved to a full 24/7 service. Previously, the team offered a 24/7 on-call service. Due to the increased demand services, the team of deep space mission operators continues to grow, and parties interested in applying for roles are encouraged to contact Goonhilly with a CV (details at

Goonhilly supports VO launch from Spaceport Cornwall

On the 9th of January, Goonhilly provided communications support for the ‘Start Me Up’ mission, tracking LauncherOne from a portable ground station cabin, specially designed and manufactured for Spaceport Cornwall and VO. Goonhilly also built a turn-key 5m ground station for use by VO in Ireland. Both systems performed well and provided valuable telemetry data to the team in Long Beach, California.

Women in STEM award win for Goonhilly’s Olivia Smedley

Goonhilly Space Scientist and Deep Space Operations Co-Lead, Olivia Smedley, was one of 16 winners at December’s West Country Women Awards. She took home the ‘Women in STEM’ award, and was keen to thank family, friends, and colleagues who have supported her career journey thus far.

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