Exobotics (XOB) is a startup company based in Cornwall and Cambridge, UK that is lowering barriers to entry in terms of cost, skill, and time required to explore space.

Our long term goal is to make the Moon and beyond as accessible and economical as low-Earth orbit. With a diverse and experienced team, XOB develops small-satellite subsystems, platforms, software and ground support equipment that is uniquely scalable, modular and tuned for the challenge of operation in a space environment.

XOB brought their first product to market mid-2021 with the support of an R&D grant from Aerospace Cornwall.

This desktop thermal vacuum system (XO-VAC) is the first fit for purpose testing facility for nanosatellites, enabling users to simulate the space environment at a fraction of the cost of the alternatives. Initial interest has been extremely high with contract discussions taking place with companies both inside and outside the EU. It is expected that every 5 XO-VAC sales contribute to approximately 1 full time equivalent (FTE) job in Cornwall. XOB has a further 2 projects funded with Aerospace Cornwall which are expected to have a similar impact. XOB has also taken three interns in the last six months and intends to continue offering opportunities for keen young engineers and scientists in the region to operate within a startup.

A core part of XOB’s business model is a just-in-time (JIT) strategy to manufacture which relies on having a highly skilled workforce working with high-end equipment to streamline manufacture and for all products to be easily customised to specialist customer needs. This meets XOB’s “customisation as standard” policy and helps foster a high-tech manufacturing industry in Cornwall.

XOB also maintains a “testing as standard” philosophy, which requires all products to be independently tested before shipping to the customer. This has promoted the development of additional facilities in the Cornwall region that will become available to other local businesses and educational institutions.

XOB’s final philosophy is “lunar enabled”. All XOB’s products target long term commercial operation beyond Earth orbit. This is a sphere in which the UK has limited capability and XOB is offering a service that is unique in the UK. The ultimate goal for XOB would be to offer end-to-end space missions manufactured, assembled, integrated and tested from Spaceport Cornwall, initially to low earth orbit before offering payload services to the Moon.

XOB already believes that Cornwall is equipped to handle end-to-end space missions as a service. A proof of concept programme should be developed to demonstrate this – not only would this benefit the local economy and bring new business to the region, but also massively help the UK in capturing its target of 10% of the global space economy by 2030.


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