Goonhilly Earth Station

What is Goonhilly Earth Station?

Goonhilly Earth Station has been the pioneering home of satellite communications since 1962. Under the private management of Goonhilly Earth Station Ltd. (“Goonhilly”) since 2014, the site has been rejuvenated to provide modern, world-class satellite and space communication services, earning a reputation as the “UK’s Gateway to Space”.

Goonhilly is a proud founding member of Cornwall Space Cluster, and its HQ and namesake ground station are situated near Helston, on the Lizard peninsula. The company also has offices in Farnborough, Hampshire, and owns two US teleports – COMSAT Southbury and Santa Paula.

Lunar & Deep Space Communications

In 2021, Goonhilly became the first private company to provide communications services for spacecraft operating beyond geostationary orbit (~36,000km). Since then, it’s provided sought-after lunar and deep space communication links for a range of international agencies and private entities including ESA, NASA, ISRO, and Intuitive Machines.

With the number of lunar and deep space missions set to soar over the next decade, a widely recognised lack of global communications capacity has the potential to create a bottleneck, preventing humankind from achieving its ambitions in space. With its unparalleled commercial experience and infrastructure, Goonhilly is pioneering a new, private model of deep space communication services, ensuring that organisations can securely and reliably connect with their distant spacecraft.

Satellite (“Near Space”) Communications

Goonhilly serves as a trusted communications provider for many of the world’s major satellite operators including SES, Intelsat, Eutelsat, and Viasat. Benefitting from over 90 antennas worldwide, large-scale networks, secure infrastructure, expert 24/7 support, and an optimal geographic location, it offers a range of satellite services from low Earth orbit (LEO) to geostationary orbit (GEO), including uplink and broadcast, gateway operations, TT&C (Telemetry, Tracking & Control), carrier monitoring, LEOP (Launch & Early Operations Phase) tracking, and more.

International Teleports

In 2023, Goonhilly acquired two US teleports – COMSAT Southbury and Santa Paula – providing customers on both sides of the Atlantic with access to over 120 years of combined satcom experience.

The acquisition, along with the ongoing development of a further ground station in Australia, brings Goonhilly one step closer to developing its global lunar communications network. The network will provide customers with 24/7 global coverage, regardless of the Earth’s rotation, and represents a vital asset in enabling the lunar economy of tomorrow.

Space & Communication Expertise to Support Your Mission

In addition to offering near and deep space communication services, Goonhilly also brings together different technologies and technical disciplines to offer a holistic and cost-effective range of other space communication solutions.

The company’s consultant engineers and analysts provide R&D expertise for projects at a range of TRLs, in areas such as:

  • Space Domain Awareness
  • Space/satellite communication systems
  • Orbital mechanics
  • Spacecraft systems design
  • Ground station operations
  • Risk management
  • Project and programme management
  • Hardware and embedded software/firmware product development.

Further services offered by Goonhilly include professional training (development and delivery), supercomputing and data services, education and outreach, and specialist design and manufacturing.

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