A Different Kind Of Spaceport

Spaceport Cornwall is Europe’s future air and space solution.

Who is
Spaceport Cornwall?

We are a different kind of spaceport. 

Spaceport Cornwall is Europe’s future air and space solution. We provide flexible, low cost, resilient and safe access to space and support aerospace innovation.

The horizontal launch site is working with future operators including Sierra Space and Space Engine Systems who are developing innovative horizontal launch systems and are looking to use the spaceport for system development and UK return missions.

Spaceport Cornwall is in discussions with an established US horizontal launch provider regarding the provision of launch services from the UK and hope to announce an agreement in early 2024 to support launches from mid-2025.


One of the longest runways in the UK, uncongested airspace, and direct access to the sea creates a world class operational environment for orbital, sub-orbital, micro-gravity and experimental future flight technologies.


A location for space enabled companies, aerospace R&D and related enterprise


With daily flights to London, Manchester and other major UK and European cities, great road access, and Superfast Broadband as standard, Spaceport Cornwall is a modern launch location that makes doing business easy.

  • Centre for Space Technologies
  • Payload Assembly, Integration, Testing
  • Mission Operations Rocket testing
  • R&D zone – Full Time or Pay-As-You-Go
  • Collaboration workspace
  • Linking industry and academia

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The first licenced spaceport in the UK and the only operational spaceport in Western Europe