The National Drone Hub

National Drone Hub

Advancing UAV Technology and Operations

The National Drone Hub in Cornwall stands as a pioneering facility dedicated to advancing UAV technology and operations.  Situated on a sprawling 320 hectare site, just 600 metres from the sea, with four runways and multiple operating surfaces, the hub offers an ideal environment for both fixed and rotary wing drone operations.

The National Drone Hub is delivered by Wholeship, in partnership with the Royal Navy at RNAS Culdrose, and in collaboration with the Cornwall Space Cluster.

Segregated Airspace for BVLOS Operations

With access to segregated airspace, the National Drone Hub is the perfect location for testing Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations, as required by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). This unique feature sets the National Drone Hub apart as a premier testing facility for cutting edge drone technologies and operational strategies.


National Drone Hub


The National Drone Hub’s facility provides a range of amenities tailored to the needs of UAV operators and stakeholders.   From hangarage to office and accommodation facilities, the Drone Hub will ensure a seamless and efficient operational experience for their customers.

Details of these facilities are available on request.

Collaboration for Innovation

The National Drone Hub collaborates closely with the Cornwall Space Cluster to drive innovation and development in UAV technology. Both are committed to supporting the growth of UAV technology to connect rural communities, enhance healthcare services with cutting-edge solutions, and create new, highly skilled jobs in Cornwall and the wider South West of England.

National Drone Hub

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