Goonhilly acquires COMSAT teleports to combine 120 years of world-leading satellite communications expertise

1st November 2023

Goonhilly is expanding all communication service offerings from Low Earth Orbit (LEO) right through commercial GEO to lunar and deep space. With over a combined century of pioneering operational experience, the acquisition allows Goonhilly to build on the strengths of both companies, propelling it into a new era of world-leading satellite communications.

Image of Comms Station in Southbury, Connecticut, USA

The purchase of COMSAT’s state of the art US East and West coast teleports offers Goonhilly increased visibility and reach, enabling communication with a greater number of geographically-diverse satellites at any one time. According to Goonhilly – who operate from the iconic Goonhilly Earth Station, in Cornwall, UK – the acquisition increases their capacity to offer secure and reliable global connectivity to their commercial, government and military customers.

Goonhilly’s acquisition of the US’s first World Teleport Association (WTA) Tier-4 certified teleports also serves to strengthen bi-lateral relations, encouraging enhanced service offerings on both sides of the Atlantic. Designed and maintained by a group of highly experienced engineers – ensuring high availability, resilience, and exceptional security against potential problems and threats – COMSAT’s teleports, along with their assets and expert teams, have now been welcomed as part of Goonhilly’s global network.

Since 2021, Goonhilly has offered the world’s only private lunar and deep space communications service from its UK site, supporting missions for the likes of ESA, NASA, ISRO, and ispace inc. Expanding its global footprint enables the company to further develop this unique service – at a time when the number of missions heading to the Moon and beyond are increasing exponentially.

Referring to the successful acquisition Ian Jones, CEO, said, “We are delighted with this acquisition, which allows us to enhance our service offerings to all of our ground station clients. It’s a really exciting collaboration which brings together yet another group of experts who share our vision for further extending exceptional satellite communications with deep space and lunar capabilities. With their extensive experience of handling complex and highly customised network requirements, we are confident that this acquisition will provide real added value for our existing and future customers.”

According to COMSAT CEO, Chris Faletra, “Both Goonhilly and COMSAT have been pivotal in shaping the world of satellite communications for over 60 years and there have been many parallels between our journeys on both sides of the Atlantic. It’s exciting to see what we’ll achieve together.”

“COMSAT customers will continue to receive the secure and reliable satellite ground segment services they know and trust, whilst also benefiting from the additional assets, geographical diversity, and expertise that Goonhilly brings to the table.”

By enhancing its portfolio and services, Goonhilly is not only positioning itself as a global leader in satellite communications but also bolstering its role as a strategic partner in transatlantic cooperation.

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About Goonhilly

For over six decades, Goonhilly Earth Station (Cornwall, UK) has served as the trusted ground station of choice for many of the world’s major satellite operators. Benefitting from resilient large-scale networks and infrastructure, and expert 24/7 support, its diverse range of satellite services include uplink and broadcast, gateway operations, TT&C, carrier monitoring, and more.

In 2021, Goonhilly expanded its services to the Moon and beyond – providing private lunar and deep-space communications links to spacecraft operated by international space agencies and commercial enterprises including ESA, NASA, and iSpace inc., via its UK-based 32m and 30m antennas.

The completed purchase of the two COMSAT teleports on the East and West coast of the USA, will see the world’s first commercial deep-space network go international – increasing global coverage and capacity for lunar and deep-space communications clients.


The deal also serves to optimise LEO, MEO and GEO satellite communication services for customers on both sides of the Atlantic – increasing visibility and reach, and providing access to the expertise for which both companies are renowned.

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