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Invest in Cornwall's ThrivingSpace Cluster

Thanks to a red carpet roll out and funding opportunities, space and data businesses are expanding into Cornwall to set up their operations and head offices.

Fancy a job with some of the space, satellite, engineering  and manufacturing businesses down here?

Look no further than our Careers page.

Utilise the power of space data in Cornwall

Gain market advantage and business insights using satellite data launched, tracked, and downlinked in Cornwall. Grasp this opportunity to explore the possibilities of space derived data, to find new cross-sector applications and market opportunities.

Cornwall Airport Newquay

Cornwall is Well Connected

95% Fibre broadband availability

Goonhilly Earth Station has 10Gb fibre links direct to data centres in London as well as landing locations for international subsea cables

Cornwall Airport Newquay and Spaceport Cornwall has state-of-the-art infrastructure, one of the UK’s longest runways, uncongested airspace, direct maritime access and an unparalleled aviation environment.

Also 2 flights a day to Cornwall from London Heathrow as well as a number of direct routes to domestic and European destinations

Cornwall's Enterprise Zones

Goonhilly’s Enterprise Zone status is unique in the Space industry and makes the Earth Station one of the best places in Europe to grow your space business freely and without restrictions.

Your business can benefit from access to space communications, data storage and processing, well-equipped labs, ample office and workshop space and zero business rates.

Located at Cornwall Airport Newquay, Aerohub’s Enterprise Zone’s goal is incubating space start-ups and SMEs, attracting investment, and facilitating collaborative projects.  It is also home to the Aerohub Business Park development. Open to businesses from all sectors, 53.5 acres are now build-ready.

We have the spaces your Business needs

Enjoy high-quality office, industrial and commercial development plots

Workspaces are available to rent across Cornwall

Businesses benefit from some of the lowest operating costs in the UK

Cornwall Council Investment Portfolio of £600million for infrastructure projects

Discover a DiverseTalent Pool in Cornwall

Graduate talent: three world-renowned universities, eight FE colleges

Cornwall boasts a skilled sat comms engineering workforce

Large former military workforce from RNAS Culdrose and RAF St Mawgan

Apprenticeship programme in Satellite Operations delivered at Truro and Penwith College

Highly skilled and cost-effective workforce

Leading Space Research, Training and Satellite Applications

Cornwall is home to several globally recognized training and research centres. The South West Centre of Excellence, the regional hub of the Satellite Applications Catapult, supports businesses using satellite applications. Their role is to help organisations make use of and benefit from satellite technologies and bring together multi-disciplinary teams to generate ideas and solutions in an open innovation environment.

Space Data in Cornwall

Goonhilly Earth Station offers a range of satellite services to companies worldwide and acts as a catalyst for multi-sector growth through space derived data and digital applications. Goonhilly’s capabilities include Near Space, Deep Space and Edge of Space data processing with AI. Goonhilly Earth Station’s AI and DL suite will help accelerate businesses who require fast, secure and local access to EO.